The Bug Song


The Bug Song




The Jensens  - Fears

What are you afraid of? Jump right into the middle of The Jensens as they rock the zoo with that damn catchy song of theirs 'Fears'. Presented bt GiG VR. Special thanks to Soapbox Beer

The Bug Song

Whalehouse  - The Bug Song

Live music is not dead! You might not be able to go to The Zoo for a bit but you can still jump on stage with WHALEHOUSE as they perform The Bug Song in 360° live.

Cyber Doom

Bleeding Knees Club  - Cyber Doom

GiG VR Presents: Bleeding Knees Club who took the stage at The Zoo to Perform none other than ‘Cyber Doom’ in 360°. Special thanks to Soapbox Beer. Classic BKC!

Kratom Cowboy @ Yonder Festival 2019

Le Fricken Hecks  - Kratom Cowboy @ Yonder Festival 2019

Le Fricken Hecks played two nights on The Shack stage on top of the mountain overlooking the Yonder Festival.

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