How to watch GiG VR 360° videos?

Our 360 videos are delivered through global distribution and social media platforms and can be enjoyed through VR headsets, mobile devices, PC's and digital TV's.

Use a supported browser like Chrome or Safari on your computer, or view through the YouTube app on your wifi connected mobile device. Move the screen with your mouse or finger. Select the highest quality playback in settings.

Why 360° Video

This is a unique opportunity to reach new markets and a wider audience who want to experience live music through new cutting edge technologies.

• Social media platforms like Facebook, SnapChat and YouTube are eager to support and promote more 360° content.
• 360° videos are more engaging. The viewer can move and control what they see.
• 360° video can be shared and viewed online, through any device and also experienced in Virtual Reality headsets.
• Connects viewers more emotionally to content compared to 2D video.
• Viewers feel like they have actually experienced an event when viewed in 360°.
• Click through rates and engagement on 360° content is much higher.
• Viewers are likely to watch and re-watch 360° content more than traditional video.
• Some music fans can’t physically attend events and can only experience live music through a GiG VR 360° video.

I'm an artist, can I have my next gig filmed in 360?

It is possible to apply to GiG VR to have your next gig filmed, all you need to do is contact us and our team will discus the details with you.