GiG VR is a platform for music fans to live stream or replay high profile gigs and discover new artists from around the world through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Transport music fans into any event from around the world through 360° Virtual Reality.

Whether it’s on location at major music events, or onstage with the world’s most popular artists, GiG VR produces immersive content for music fans to truly experience live music anywhere in the world.

Through GiG VR Events and our creator network we can live stream or record concerts and distribute the experience globally through our platform, in partnership with sponsors, or licence directly to distribution partners and their customers.


Philip Sheen

Philip Sheen

Founder and Director

Philip has over 16 years experience as a media and marketing leader launching new ideas and brands into the world as a founder, and creative director. He has worked across a wide range of industries in Media, Music, Healthcare, Fashion, Start Ups, E-commerce, Government and Law, building brands and connecting communities to their stories.

As the founder of Sheen Media a Brisbane based agency, Phil has worked with clients on award winning campaigns and multi-million dollar projects to deliver new initiatives, brand stories and marketing communications to targeted communities.

Through this experience Phil has built and lead collaborative creative teams including in-house production services providing directors, producers, film crew and post-production services to produce engaging content.

Phil started his career in the music industry as a music photographer for the leading industry publication Scene Magazine where he covered high profile international and local acts across QLD at iconic venues and festivals.